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magento 1.x Mage_Customlogin_Helper_Data’ not found in …./app/Mage.php on line 546″

I follow the article in Internet , 1.check the config.xml <global> <blocks> <customerlogin> <class>CustomerParadigm_Customerlogin_Block</class> </customerlogin> </blocks> <helpers> <customerParadigm_customerlogin> <class>CustomerParadigm_Customerlogin_Helper</class> </customerParadigm_customerlogin> </helpers> it is ok finally I found the problem from system.xml and remove module="customlogin" it work ! <groups> <general translate="label"...


Add Admin menu not sucess issue

Add menu in config.xml but not display in admin menu problem in <adminhtml> <menu> <webfitter_cexport> <title>Custom Export</title> <sort_order>15</sort_order> <children> <export> <title>Export Product</title> <sort_order>1</sort_order> <action>CexportAdmin/export/index</action> </export> </children> </webfitter_cexport> </menu> </adminhtml> ==> you must define <menu> <webfitter_cexport> not !!!!!=> <menu> <admin> <children>...